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1 Hosted Website
5 Sub Domains
1GB SSD Disk Space
25GB Bandwidth
10 Email Account
FREE Webmail
1 MySQL Database
FREE Site Building Tools
24/7/365 Technical Support
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3 Hosted Website
10 Sub Domains
5GB SSD Disk Space
50GB Bandwidth
25 Email Account
FREE Webmail
3 MySQL Database
FREE Site Building Tools
24/7/365 Technical Support
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7 Hosted Website
30 Sub Domains
15GB SSD Disk Space
150GB Bandwidth
100 Email Account
FREE Webmail
7 MySQL Database
FREE Site Building Tools
24/7/365 Technical Support
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*Applicable with yearly hosting for first year *Only for zar.cc extension


  • Web Server
    • LiteSpeed hosting
    • 11X FASTER than Apache
  • Security
    • Free SSL
    • Free Firewall
  • Performance
    • Up-To-Date Server
    • Modern hardware
  • Operating system
    • CloudLinux improves server stability
    • Security by isolating each tenant
  • Programming Features
    • SSD Storage
    • Fast Processing
  • Wordpress Manager
    • DirectAdmin Control Panel
    • WordPress Manager
  • Antivirus
    • Anti-Malware Protection
    • Security Firewall
  • Backups
    • Scheduled Backups
    • Powered by JetBackup ®



Power Up Your WordPress Website Hosting at Host24 in Pakistan.

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect home for your WordPress website feels like searching for the ideal house. You want it fast, secure, and with excellent support – especially in Pakistan! That’s where Host24 comes in, ready to be the foundation for your online success.

 What is WordPress Hosting, and why is it important?

Imagine WordPress as the engine of your website. WordPress hosting is like the supercharged garage and expert mechanics that make everything run smoothly:

Here’s what you get with specialized WordPress hosting in Pakistan:

  • Zoom-Zoom Speed: Who will favor a slow website, especially a customer that one seeks? The design for the WordPress Sites is the same way;. It is developed to load faster and thereby makes the search engines feel good, too.
  • Security Fortress: What is more important is knowing that hackers exist, and therefore, your WordPress site is in need of a protection mechanism. For WordPress hosting, think of it as guard dogs, hi-tech alarms, everyday backups, and other purposes or functions.
  • Easy Peasy Management: Pressing the install button for WordPress and changing themes is not complicated, right? Of course, no prior technical background will be required. WordPress hosting will make you forget about the hosting dashboard, because you will engage in quality content creation and forget about the technical details.
  • The “Help!” Hotline: We are all familiar with road incidents. In a nutshell, you’ll be part of a team of WordPress pros who not only know what is going on but are quick on their feet in fixing those pesky problems.

Host24: Your WordPress Hosting Powerhouse in Pakistan

Why is Host24 different? Well, just like understanding local customs makes navigating Pakistan easier, Host24 gets what makes WordPress tick for your unique audience:

  • Locally Optimized: Congratulate yourself that your servers have the same speed as a delivery bicycle while the delivery truck is still moving at its usual speed to meet up with your customers in Pakistan.
  • Security Squad: It will protect your site, knowing the dangers particular to the community, like a police force in the neighborhood enforcing and maintaining your security.
  • Your Tech Buddies: Let us solve all the tech talk! The Host24 support team is your language speaker, and they handle your WordPress matters superfast.
  • Grow with You: Becoming a stepping stone in your career? Host24 simply solves your hosting problems as you expand your business, just like you build extensions for your house when you grow the family.

 Burning Questions? Let’s Get Real! (FAQs)

  • This all sounds fancy, but what if I’m new to WordPress?”  Host24 often has super easy one-click installs for WordPress, so even beginners can get started.
  • “What if I already have a WordPress site?” Host24 can likely move your existing website over smoothly – think of it as hiring professional movers instead of cramming everything into your own car. 
  • “Are those popular plugins going to cause problems?”  Host24’s servers are built to handle the most popular plugins and themes gracefully, with no tech headaches.
  • “Scenarios like ‘Who would help if the hacker attacks at 03:00? Am I alone?’ Host24 firstly believes in good practices to avoid hackers; however, Host24’s support team is there round the clock, ready to tackle issues even if you’re panicking in the middle of the night.

Ready to Give a Successful Boost to Your WordPress Site?

 Host24 comprehends that a successful site in Pakistan is not only about technical features but also something more than that. However, it is about not falling behind with the fast-moving technology world that you can trust. Consider them your ever-helpful companion, guiding you to a larger pool of customers and ultimately developing a superior WordPress hosting in Pakistan experience. If you are looking for more economical packages must visit more web hosting packages.

Run to Host24’s WordPress hosting in Pakistan packages right now, and together, we can get your online presence in the sun!

WordPress Hosting In Pakistan