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Host24 offers simplest and easiest method to send SMS messages! Whether or not you’re searching for Branded, Corporate, single or Bulk SMS, we’ve got the perfect web based Branded, Corporate, Single and Bulk SMS solution for you. All you would like to try and do is enter the cell number and text message. You furthermore might get WebSMS freed from charge, supplying you with the liberty to send texts anytime, anywhere. Use our Free Desktop Brand name Bulk SMS messenger application to send SMS. Schedule SMS marketing to be sent out using our Bulk SMS net Portal. Send Branded Company SMS for as low as Rs.1.9 to any network in Pakistan or the other country.

Branded SMS BundlesPer SMS CostPrice Tagline
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100 Branded SMS Rs 3Rs 300.00Sign Up Now!
500 Branded SMS Rs 3Rs 1500.00Sign Up Now!
1000 Branded SMSRs 2.9Rs 2900.00Sign Up Now!
2000 Branded SMS Rs 2.9Rs 5800.00Sign Up Now!
5000 Branded SMS Rs 2.9Rs 14500.00Sign Up Now!
10,000 Branded SMS Rs 2.8Rs 28000.00Sign Up Now!
25 000 Branded SMSRs 2.7Rs 67500.00Sign Up Now!
500,00 Branded SMSRs 2.6Rs 130000.00Sign Up Now!
100,000 Branded SMSRs 2.5Rs 250000.00Sign Up Now!
250,000 Branded SMSRs 2.4Rs 600000.00Sign Up Now!
500,000 Branded SMSRs 2.3Rs 1150000.00Sign Up Now!
100,0000 Branded SMSRs 2.2Rs 2200000.00Sign Up Now!
300,0000 Branded SMSRs 2.1Rs 6300000.00Sign Up Now!
5000,000 Branded SMSRs 1.9Rs 9500000.00Sign Up Now!

Bulk SMS Desktop

Features & Benefits of Branded, Company, Corporate, BULK SMS

  • Free Web Based Bulk Branded | Company | Corporate SMS Portal
  • Company Name could be 11 characters long
  • Free Desktop Easy to use Bulk SMS messenger
  • Schedule Branded Bulk SMS Via Web Based SMS portal
  • SMS’s length up to 160 characters long.
  • Send company brand name SMS for as low as Rs.1.9 to any network in Pakistan
  • Purchase SMS bundles in batches of 100 SMS’s, 500 SMS’s, 1000 SMS’s, 5000 SMS’s and so on.
  • Easy to use Web based End User Interface
  • Send Single and Multiple company brand name SMS from our Website directly
  • Integrate our SMS portal directly into your web site or application.
  • View SMS send history on-line.
  • Quick and Reliable Delivery at low cost per company brand name SMS.
  • Reseller account to resell Bulk SMS bundles at your own preset rates to your clients under your company name!
  • Have the flexibility to send from any PC, anyplace you have got an internet access



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