Server Monitoring and Management

Basic Standard Expert
Rs1490 monthly
Rs4990 monthly
Rs14990 monthly
IP Monitoring 24/7 24/7 24/7
Email Alert
Reduce down time
Basic Server Management 1 hours/month 5 hours/month 10 hours/month
OS & Security Updates
Resolve critical issues
Port Monitoring 4 Ports 10Ports
Performance optimization
Server Backup (d/w/m)
Backup restoration
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/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/monitor-dns-server.png Website Uptime Monitoring

Ensure your websites and servers are up and running well across the world.

monitor-site Server Monitoring

Monitor uptime and performance of servers and desktops running critical applications.

monitor-site Website Performance Monitoring

Optimize the performance of your websites and take steps to improve the end-user experience.

monitor-site Website Monitoring Reports

Gain useful insight into website and server performance and observe possible trends.

monitor-site Monitor DNS Servers

Ensure your DNS server is up and running and resolving domain names correctly.

monitor-site Real time Notifications

Be the first to know if there are problems. React quickly before your users are affected.

3rd party software support is not included