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Thank you for visiting our web site and reviewing our terms and conditions.This web site is copyright of Host24. Its contents may not
be copied using any means nor may its contents be duplicated in any form.Referencing pages herein through links is allowable under the following conditions.There must be no attempt to disguise Host24. Host24 must be cited in the reference. The URL of the referenced page must be clearly visible. Referenced pages must not be displayed in frames. Either a new document window is opened or the existing page replaced by the referenced one. References may not be made to pages contained within frames. Instead the reference must be made to the parent document.

Host24 explicitly acknowledges copyrights on material where it has been possible to trace the holder. We welcome the holders of other material to contact us such that we can explicitly cite them as the copyright holders.

References to other Web sites or pages herein have been made in accordance with the conditions which we impose on others. All websites developed or designed by us will carry our company name at the bottom of every page as the proof that design and source code is our property. It is never our intention to disguise authorship. We believe that it is in the interest of Internet users that such references are made so long as there is not an unfair attempt to exploit other people’s work.

For Web Design Projects you have to pay 100% payment in advance

Revision Policy Website Design

Once website is delivered we only give maximum 2 revisions. Revisions are not available for budget website design package.First Revision means that client can do full testing of the website. Once our designer delivers the finished web site and submit “adjustments & fixes only” among seventy two hours (72 hrs.).Second Revision means that, we are going to build the fixes as per first Revision and submit the finished changes to client. Client should respond among seventy two hours with “adjustments & fixes only”.
In case client doesn’t respond within the allotted time, they’re going to lose the chance for revision as we’ve got to schedule our designers on next comes and that we cannot wait indefinitely for client feedback.

Once the second Revision is submitted by client then no additional “adjustments & fixes
or changes” are created by Host24.

In additions, changes or deviations or revision to the higher than selected package, client are charged at Rs.1000 per hour

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